Boasting of Changing Times: How girls are influenced by porn


Pornography has come a long way both in terms of talent and technology. Nowadays, we have shifted from the DVD era to the newly coveted porn. Often, we have left the comfort of our bedrooms to look for pleasure in a virtual world of adult entertainment where anything goes. From our heydays, we have watched plenty of porn movies that have embedded themselves into our psyche. Usually, producers have one goal in mind; to put on a good show that would give back millions in profit and so far, it has worked.

From time immemorial, all manner of girls have been cast before these cameras. It does not matter whether the girls are tangled in a BDSM scene or they are dominating their men. We have seen them all; from lesbians, ladyboys, shemales to bisexuals. This world of pleasure has taught many that good looks and a set of unbeatable skills are what we need to thrive under the sheets. Consequently, the younger generation of growing girls has become accepting of what they see on their screens.

The clarity of hd porn is the last thing the world should be worried about simply because it has become increasingly easy to lose ourselves in pornographic pleasure.


Smut Stars Talk About What Day Job They Would Be Willing To Do

Based on statistics, the average span of a porn career does last between six to eighteen months. Porn stars, just like any other professionals find it interesting to explore job options as this never hurts.

In a video, posted by Wood Rocket, the pornstars or rather adult film performers were able to reveal what best they would be engaging themselves in were they not having recorded sex. There were different groups harboring different opinions.

A good number said they would be resuming their previous specialties or rather occupations such as librarian and nanny among others. On the other hand, a number of them had divergent thoughts about professional paths such as aspirations to be CPA, ESPN commentator and “sexy mortician” among others.

One porn actress underlined that regardless of the vocation she would be taking thereafter, it should be made perfectly clear that she still would be engaging in lots of sex thereafter.

Dave Chappelle talks about porn relationships in his stand up routine

We all can have problems and arguments in our Relationship, but very few of us actually give a voice to the argument. Dave Chappelle is very firm about this and he strongly recommends that if you have an argument, then raise it in front of your partner. It does not matter how small or big the argument is, if you don’t solve it now, you may end up having a big fight at a later time. This complaint could be anything ranging from washing dishes before putting them in the sink or not performing well in sex.

Also, he thinks watching porn with your partner could be sometimes very complex because of various reasons. If you are a straight man, then you may not like watching pure hard-core involving 2 men and one woman in the act. But if things are opposite to this in which 2 women are having sex with one man than you would certainly enjoy that. This is simply human nature that explains your sexuality and there is nothing wrong in it.