Dave Chappelle talks about porn relationships in his stand up routine

We all can have problems and arguments in our Relationship, but very few of us actually give a voice to the argument. Dave Chappelle is very firm about this and he strongly recommends that if you have an argument, then raise it in front of your partner. It does not matter how small or big the argument is, if you don’t solve it now, you may end up having a big fight at a later time. This complaint could be anything ranging from washing dishes before putting them in the sink or not performing well in sex.

Also, he thinks watching porn with your partner could be sometimes very complex because of various reasons. If you are a straight man, then you may not like watching pure hard-core involving 2 men and one woman in the act. But if things are opposite to this in which 2 women are having sex with one man than you would certainly enjoy that. This is simply human nature that explains your sexuality and there is nothing wrong in it.